Health Seminar by Dr. Dejo

In May 2018, Dr Dejo Olalaye conducted on online health seminar to better educate on preventative health tips and other health tips Health Seminar Summary for those who missed it: 1. Get your health check now you are 40years old! It includes a blood pressure check, diabetes screen and cholesterol blood test. It is free […]

EXCO – 2017-2019

The Members of the EXCO from 2017-2019 are Set Coordinator : Dotun Oke Asst Set Coordinator : Kemi Edunjobi (Nee Awoleke) General Secretary : Kevin Kpamiose Odibeli Asst Gen Sec :  Yemi Ogunjobi Financial Secretary : Sina Obajimi Treasurer : Bukola Adeyemi (Nee Akinfaloye) PRO : A. A. Adegun